Computer Program First Church of the Brethren Harrisburg, PA

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Windows Lessons 7-12

Lesson 7


Each computer will acquire its own identity according to the use of its owner. Shortcuts can be created for many uses.

Lesson 8

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most people will use their computer for only a few programs. These programs can make use of a three button keyboard command for a very quick access.

Lesson 9

Screen Saver, Colors, Sounds

Set the Screen Saver before damage. Colors and Sounds can be changed.

Lesson 10

Autoplay & Compatibility

Automatic actions can take place when inserting a CD into the Computer.

Older programs will also work.

Lesson 11

The Internet

Understand the use of the Internet and understand the browser. Learn to develop a good and safe password.

Lesson 12


As much as Email became second nature for many people, the full usage of the capabilities are not known. Learn to attach files and other functions with email.

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