Computer Program First Church of the Brethren Harrisburg, PA

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Windows Lessons 1-6

Lesson 1

Hardware & Software

Understand the difference and the components of the computer

Lesson 2

The Mouse

Understand the use of the mouse and when to use the buttons and the wheel.

Lesson 3

The Mouse

Understand how to configure the mouse to make it’s  operation comfortable.

Make the mouse operate for a Left handed person

Lesson 4


Learn how to recognize the storage devices on the computer. Realize how to keep them in good condition.

Lesson 5


Learn how to backup precious files for when disaster hits.

Learn how to organize files by moving them around to different directories.

Lesson 6

The Recycle Bin

Understand how make use of the Recycle Bin. Understand that files can not be use in the Recycle Bin, but can be restored for continued use.

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