Computer Program First Church of the Brethren Harrisburg, PA

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Class scheduling is subject to change due to bad weather.

We are closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

We are closed on weeks that holidays fall on class days.

Class Weekly Schedule

Lesson 1

     Hardware & Software

Lesson 2

     Using the Mouse

Lesson 3

     Configuring the Mouse

Lesson 4

     Computer (This PC)-        Explore

     View Menu


Lesson 5

     Finding & Moving Files

     Searching Files

     Selecting Files

     Copy & Paste

Lesson 6

     The Recycle Bin

Lesson 7

     Creating Shortcuts

Lesson 8

     Creating Keyboard           Shortcuts.

Lesson 9


     Screen Savers

     Color Schemes

Lesson 10



     Program Compatibility

Lesson 11

     World Wide Web  Internet      Explorer  Search Passwords

Lesson 12

     Windows Live Email

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